What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative healthcare model which prioritizes the relationship between doctors and patients. DPC eliminates the unnecessary intrusion of insurance companies and offers an affordable, accessible membership-based primary care model that provides all the essentials of routine healthcare for a flat monthly fee.This simple model provides many of the things that are important but not found in today’s healthcare environment

  • True price transparency
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Personalized care
  • Affordable monthly fees for unlimited visits
  • No copays or deductibles at time of visit
  • No pre-existing condition exclusion
  • A relationship with your doctor free from outside interference
  • After-hours care on nights and weekends for urgent matters
Is Direct Primary Care like a Concierge Practice?

Not exactly. Concierge practices charge a monthly or annual fee in addition to billing your insurance. Their fees may be hundreds or thousands of dollars. Concierge practices offer similar benefits as those offered by DPC practices, such as extended office visits and after-hours access by phone, text or email.  For this reason, DPC has been called “Blue Collar Concierge.”

Will I still need insurance?

Direct Primary Care is not insurance. Although you may be able to get all or most of your healthcare needs met by your DPC physician, health insurance or a health sharing plan is still recommended in case of specialist care or unexpected medical expenses, such as hospitalization or major surgery.High-deductible “catastrophic” insurance plans pair well with DPC and may result in significant cost savings. You may also want to consider alternatives to traditional insurance plans, such as healthcare sharing ministries.

Do you take Medicare patients?

Absolutely! However, because third party payers such as Medicare and other insurance companies have adverse impacts on the physician patient relationship, Dr. Townsend is no longer contracted with Medicare, and Medicare does not cover the cost of membership at Magnolia DPC. Medicare and your supplement can be used for any services, labs and imaging performed outside of our clinic. 

How will I know if Magnolia Direct Primary Care is right for me?

Dr. Townsend is available to chat on the phone. Or you are welcome to come in for an obligation-free no-cost informational visit. This is a good way to start a conversation about your healthcare and begin what we trust will be a long, productive and healthy relationship.