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Magnolia Direct Primary Care

“I created my practice based on the idea that I can deliver better primary care that is more affordable by abandoning the traditional health insurance model.”

— Amy Townsend, MD

Do you feel like your healthcare isn’t very caring?

We believe that the best primary care is accessible, personal, and affordable. At Magnolia Direct Primary Care, we focus on you and your health without the unnecessary requirements mandated by insurance companies. Join us and experience the type of doctor–patient relationship every patient deserves.

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Are you tired of…

  • Seeing a different doctor each visit or not seeing a doctor at all?
  • Repeating your health history over and over?
  • Waiting on hold when you are sick only to be told that your doctor is booked up?
  • Waiting for hours only to be rushed through a 5-10 minute office visit?
  • Competing with the computer screen for your doctor’s attention?

Have you stopped going to the doctor entirely because it does not seem  worth your money?

Many people do not realize that the insurance companies have created this overly expensive and inefficient system which forces doctors to see more patients in shorter visits and to spend over half their time engaging in meaningless box checking to prove their quality.

What if your doctor was freed from this system?

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What if…

Your doctor had the time and freedom to create personalized healthcare just for you?

  • You never had to wait in a waiting room again?
  • Your doctor offered a relaxed 30-60 minute visit to get to know you and make sure all your questions were answered?
  • You could contact your doctor by phone, text, or email if you had questions between visits?
  • You could get the care you needed when you needed it?

Welcome to Magnolia Direct Primary Care!


Direct Primary Care In The News

As noted by the Texas Policy Foundation, the current healthcare system as it stands is not working for many Americans. Direct primary care can counteract the third-party interference and give patients more control of their healthcare.Read the full report here:

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Get better care.

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Magnolia Direct Primary Care offers membership levels for individuals and businesses.

See for yourself and start your health journey with Dr. Townsend.